flamingo cam 

With this webcam, you can see our resident Chilean flamingos and duck species enjoying their peaceful lagoon exhibit.

Please note that the camera viewing currently changes to a different location around the Flamingo Lake every 30 seconds. This webcam is also best viewed on a desktop or mobile device.

Our Flamingo webcam was kindly donated and installed by Safegard Security


Sulawesi crested Macaque cam

This webcam is located at our macaque exhibit in Monkey Heights.

Sulawesi crested macaques are Critically Endangered. Our parent charity, Wild Planet Trust, manages the EAZA ex-situ breeding Programme (EEP) for Sulawesi crested macaques in European zoos.


Meerkat cam

This live webcam allows you to view our meerkat mob at their home in the Ranch! Our groups consists of seven individuals and on a warm, sunny day you can be sure to spot them on lookout duty or enjoying a good dig.

Did you know you can adopt a meerkat here at the zoo? As well as being a lovely gift for a friend or family member (or yourself!), the money from your adoption will make a real contribution to the care of our animals.


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