Paignton Zoo Environmental Park is involved in many global conservation projects, however an ongoing project closer to home is to stop the sharp decline of one of England’s native birds, the cirl bunting.

The cirl bunting – Emberiza cirlus – used to be found in abundance across the south of England, however numbers sharply declined in the 1970s due to changes in farming practices which directly affected food sources and nest sites.

Since 2006 we have been re-introducing cirl buntings into the Roseland Peninsula in Cornwall, working in partnership with the RSPB, Natural England and the National Trust, with some veterinary assistance from the Zoological Society of London.

This aviary is one of our release aviaries that we had set up in Cornwall to hold the fledglings prior to release.

Cirl buntings continue to be vulnerable and are reliant on the management of habitat by farmers across Devon and Cornwall.

For more information about this conservation project please visit:

For more information about Paignton Zoo’s native and global conservation projects please visit our parent charity’s website, the Whitley Wildlife Conservation Trust.

2015 is Paignton Zoo Environmental Park’s Year Of The Bird. We will be celebrating our feathered friends throughout the year with bird blogs, social media posts and special events such as talks, exclusive evenings, trails, craft activities and more!

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