wild at home education activities

While the zoo is closed, our amazing team of zoo educators will be uploading a whole host of fun, engaging resources and activities, enabling you to continue to educate and occupy your children for the coming weeks

The activities will be based around any of the zoos within our Trust - including Paignton Zoo, Newquay Zoo and Living Coasts.

We will have informative worksheets for children up to age 11, allowing them to learn more about wild animals, native species, environmental issues and more.

Plus downloadable activity sheets for crafts and things to do at home and in the garden.
More activities will be uploaded in the coming days.


any age

Activity: Take a sensory journey PDF. 

Activity: Bee Hotels PDF.

Story time: Percy Fawcett and The Lost City of Z PDF.

Darwin's Adventures on The Beagle PDF. 

The Wild Adventures of William Wills PDF. 

The Marvellous Marianne North PDF.

How to stay Wild at Home PDF.


key stage 1 activities

Plastic Pollution & Seabirds Introduction (for parents) PDF.

Create a Work of Art with Litter Activity PDF.

Design a Submarine Inspired by Penguins Activity PDF.

Explain Countershading to your Family Craft PDF.

Maths: How many feet? PDF.

PE: Move and snooze like an animal PDF. 


lower key stage 2 activities

Art: A Food Chain in a Single Picture Activity PDF.

Art: Plankton or Alien? Activity PDF.

Art: Camouflage and pattern PDF.

Literacy: Poetry PDF. 

Maths: Symmetry in the Sea Activity PDF.

Maths: Make a Food Chain using Paper Chain Links Activity PDF.

Project: Help! Our meerkats keep escaping Activity PDF. 

Writing and research: Design a zoo sign for one of our animals Activity PDF.  


upper key stage 2 activities

Art: Create a Creature Activity PDF. 

Art: Can we use art to persuade? PDF

Art: Nested Life Cycle PDF.

Creative writing: The child who turned into a seal Activity PDF.

Literacy: Letter to a Poacher PDF.

Literacy: Write a short story PDF.

Research: The weird lives of baby Amphibians PDF.

Science: Waterproof penguins Activity PDF. 

Task: Invent an ocean clean-up machine Group Task PDF.


key stage 2 & 3: World war zoo

World War Two and Rationing PDF. 

Zoos in Wartime PDF. 

Grow your own PDF. 

Zoo Stories PDF.