Cotton-Top Tamarin

Zoo Location: Wetland
 Cotton-Top Tamarin

The cotton-top tamarin is a small New World monkey native to the tropical forests of Colombia.

Zoo Diet

Our three cotton-top tamarins are fed a diet consisting of watery veg (such as cucumber), root veg (such as sweet potato), trio pellet, insects (such as locusts) and gum or nectar (not every day), in 3 meals a day.

Wild Diet

In the wild these primates eat fruit, insects, vegetation, small vertebrates and bird eggs.


They are diurnal and arboreal primates, and live in groups of 3 to 13 individuals, with the average being around seven.


There can be more than one adult male and female in the group but only one female breeds. Males and other group members play a major role in caring for the young. The breeding female usually gives birth to twins. The gestation period is around 4 to 5 months.


This tamarin is a Critically Endangered species. Deforestation is this species’ greatest threat. It has already lost most of its habitat through forest clearing for timber, charcoal, human settlement, agricultural land and industry. The forest areas in which it now exists are so fragmented, it is believed that they are too small to maintain the tamarin populations.

 Cotton-Top Tamarin  Cotton-Top Tamarin


  • Latin Name: Saguinus oedipus
  • Class: Mammals
  • Order: Primates
  • Family: Callithrichidae
  • Conservation status: Critically Endangered
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