Certified Environmental Management System logoWe have an Environmental Management System (EMS) certified to the internationally-recognised ISO 14001 standard. The purpose of an EMS is to reduce the adverse environmental effects of running a business. Paignton Zoo was the third zoo in the world to be awarded ISO 14001.

Annual internal and external audits help us to make sure our systems are working.

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What do we do?

At Paignton Zoo we understand the direct impact business practice can have on the environment and in particular the ultimate effect this has on the habitat of many animals. Therefore sustainability is naturally at the heart of our business and we are passionate about highlighting environmental issues to our visitors though our actions.

Our commitment to sustainable practices has helped Paignton Zoo drive down our water and energy consumption, and ultimately our utility costs. However we will never be complacent and seek to continually reduce our environmental impacts.

Internally we have undertaken the following to reduce our energy consumption and demonstrate best practice to others by:

  • Installing heat pumps to reduce our energy consumption in keeping exotic animals
  • Installation of solar panels in our Amphibian Ark exhibit and restaurant which generates 50% of the electricity to operate the buildings and a solar thermal array generates 80% of the hot water need for the restaurant
  • Installed a biomass boiler to heat the Crocodile Swamp exhibit
  • Use of reed beds to treat effluent generate on site from our tropical house and composting bays
  • Have significantly invested in on site metering and installed over 40 utility monitoring sensors to collect data every 15 minutes from the site for electricity, water and gas from exhibits and buildings
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