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Penguins and performers

If you look in Bruce the echidna’s enclosure you can still see the rockwork from when the area housed our penguins. Up until 1953, this area was also the location of the Paignton Zoo circus – an attraction that first appeared during the Second World War, when Paignton provided a temporary home for staff and animals from Chessington Zoo in London.

1970s penguin pool
The original penguin pool was named after its sponsor, Brooke Bond tea company.
penguins 1
Beside the penguin pool stood aviaries where our tapir now live.
penguin pool
This original rockwork is still in place in our echidna enclosure.
History Old penguin pool
In this aerial view of the penguin pool you can also see the Nocturnal House.
devons zoo circus cover cropped
Before becoming the penguin pool, this area was home to Devon’s Zoo and Circus.
12 circus advert
Advert for Devon’s Zoo and Circus
circus strongman edited scaled
The Amazing Samson: World’s Strongest Man
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