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Monkey House and Lion Parade

When Crocodile Swamp was built in 2008, it replaced one of the zoo’s oldest animal buildings: the Monkey House. The buildings in this area dated back to the early years of the zoo, and as well as monkeys, this area also housed big cats, bears and hyenas. The row of cages continued over to where the Vet Centre now stands.

chimp cage
The old monkey house was a popular sight.
big cat row 1920s
Known as Big Cat Row, this area dated back to the zoo’s early years.
big cat row 2
Visitors to this part of the zoo would be greeted by a wide range of animals.
monkey house 1928
The original Monkey House in 1928.
lionesses old enclosure
Some of the original brickwork can still be seen at the back of our current goat paddock.
ocelot 1931
The Ocelot was one of many residents on Big Cat Row.
The Monkey House had both indoor and outdoor viewing areas.
Spider monkeys were one of the many species visible in this area of the zoo.
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