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Welcome to the jungle

Our car park used to be part of the main zoo, and for many years was home to some of Paignton’s most innovative enclosures. The centrepiece was a magnificent Tropical and Sub Tropical House housing plants, fish, reptiles and amphibians from around the world, as well as extensive aviaries housing large collections of parrots, pheasants and other birds.

tropical house 2 1947
The Tropical Lily Pond was a popular feature at the entrance of the Tropical House and housed shoals of tropical fish as well as luxuriant jungle plants and giant water lilies.
parrot house
The old parrot house housed a wide array of parrots, macaws and cockatoos.
Crane Row with Tropical House behind
A view of Crane Row with the Tropical House behind.
Sub Tropical House
The Sub Tropical House and walkthrough aviary.
sub tropical house
The Tropical House was filled with a variety of exotic plants.
Inside the Tropical House
The Tropical House was a very popular attraction for all ages.
Car Park/Tropical House aerial shot
This aerial view of the Tropical and Sub Tropical House shows just how vast they were.
The pond in the Sub Tropical House was a popular feature.
IMG00051 edited 1 scaled
Bananas were a Paignton speciality, and for many years had their own dedicated greenhouse at the zoo.
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