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School from the Zoo

During lockdown in 2021, our education team created and presented insightful video lessons for teachers and parents to enjoy with their children. We hope these help to complement your classroom learning.


Our first ‘School from the Zoo’ lesson was on Habitats, aimed at KS2 pupils. This lesson is around 15 minutes long with additional short tasks for children to complete.

Including: What is a habitat? How could we describe the habitats? Which habitats would the zoo animals inhabit in the wild, and how would that affect the way they live?


The second of our ‘School from the Zoo’ lessons explores Adaptations, using examples from some of the amazing animals and plants that we have at the zoo, and is aimed at KS2 pupils.

Including: What is an adaptation? What adaptations can you observe in our animals and plants? How do they help them overcome different challenges in the wild? What adaptation would I choose..?


The 15 minute lesson on Rainforests features some of the incredible species at the zoo and is aimed at lower KS2 pupils, however is suitable for all primary school children. It includes short tasks during the lesson and an optional follow-up task.

Including: What is the rainforest really like? What is life like in a multi-story habitat? Why is camouflage important? and How do you stay in touch with friends you cannot see?


This exciting 15 minute lesson on Skulls, Teeth & Food Chains is aimed at lower KS2 pupils and includes short tasks.

Covering: herbivores, carnivores, omnivores, teeth, animal diets at the zoo and in the wild and food chains.
N.B: The large skull featured at the end of this lesson is of… a hippo!


We care for lots of amazing African animals here at the zoo – the famous, the less well-known, and the weird! Meet the species, and learn about their habitats and lives in the wild. This African Safari lesson is aimed at KS1 pupils but is suitable for all primary children.

Covering geography and science topics including: Africa, climate, habitats, endangered animals, adaptations, similarities and differences between the UK and another country.


You can find out why animals become endangered and how scientists work out how worried to be, as we meet examples that live here at the zoo.

What is the rarest species we care for, and how can we help? This lesson is aimed at upper KS2. 

Covering: Vulnerable, endangered, extinct; reasons for declines; habitat loss, over-exploitation, invasive species; breeding programmes; re-release. Final activity: class discussion.


Explore the life cycles of the amazing animals here at Paignton Zoo: mammals, birds, insects and amphibian life cycles are all featured. How does a flamingo feed its young, and how do our keepers encourage a poison frog to breed?

Curriculum links: KS2 life cycles and life processes.