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Outreach Visits

We can bring our fascinating workshops right to your classroom! 

We’ve re-designed our popular zoo sessions, to enable them to be transported to your school and be enjoyed by your pupils in a safe, stimulating way.

All sessions are suitable for KS1 and KS2 classes, last 45-50 minutes, and are presented by a trained educator.

If you would like to discuss our workshops, please email [email protected] or call 01803 697510.

Male Asiatic lion Yali at Paignton Zoo


Take a trip around the astounding continent of Africa to discover some of its habitats and the unique creatures that live there – many of which can be found at the zoo, and live at projects we support in Zimbabwe and Nigeria. Using a range of our unique artefacts combined with videos and stories of our animals at the zoo, we can bring your topic to life!

Curriculum links: Living things and their habitats; Geography: Place knowledge

Fea's tree frog at Paignton Zoo


Take a closer look at tropical forests around the world, and the incredible animals and plants that can be found there. Find out why rainforests are so important, why they are threatened, and how we can help protect them – and hear about Wild Planet Trust’s projects in Indonesia, Vietnam and Nigeria. Investigate artefacts from a range of rainforest animals and plants, and learn to sing like a gibbon! 

Curriculum links: Geography – Place knowledge; also links with popular classroom topics

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Investigate the problem of plastic pollution in our oceans: where does the plastic come from, what damage does it cause, and what can we do about it? Pupils will sort through material collected in a recent beach clean, and hunt for nurdles in our fun challenge. See why the amazing underwater habitats of Tor Bay make it special, and how our seagrass project is helping.

Curriculum Links: KS2 Science – Living things and their habitats


A two class morning visit within 25 miles of the zoo: £140
A four class day visit within 25 miles of the zoo: £200
Additional travel charge of £25 for bookings 25 to 50 miles from the zoo.

An important note on handling objects:

The exploratory, hands-on component of our workshops is one of the things that makes them special – allowing a pupil to hold a real elephant tooth, and feel the ridges that grind its food. To keep this in our workshops, we have chosen artefacts which can easily be cleaned (such as teeth, tusks and skulls). Each table group will be provided with 2 or 3 artefacts, along with card sorts and other activities which are used in the course of the session. Pupils will be asked to use hand sanitiser before the activities start. Children at one table will be handling these objects, and they will be cleaned before being used by another bubble or table group. Sadly, objects which cannot be cleaned between groups (such as furs) will be for display only, not to touch.