The new Torbay Weekly newspaper's aim is to be at the heart of the community - the 'newspaper by the community for the community' - and what better cause than helping to save Paignton Zoo as their first campaign.

Jim Parker, Editor: “The zoo is an integral part of the resort and beyond, the very fabric of the Bay. To lose it - and its animals - would be unthinkable and must never be allowed to happen. Our campaign will encourage residents and visitors alike to make donations to the zoo's appeal fund.”

Each week, Torbay Weekly will be feature one your favourite animals species at the zoo, telling you more about them and their personalities.
They will also be encouraging and publicising, both in the paper and online, any and every fundraising event supporters can come up with. If you are fundraising for Paignton Zoo, please email [email protected] with the details and they will do the rest.

Jim again: “Please remember 'Animals aren't just for the summer!’”

Quotes It's got to be said, Paignton Zoo is hard to beat! Quotes