With amphibian species from around the world including Central and South America, Europe, and South East Asia, this will be an animal encounter to remember.

You will enjoy a one to one tour with one of our keepers who will take you around our fascinating Amphibian Ark. You will see some species which are exclusively kept by us, see the work we are doing to prevent extinction of these amazing animals and have the opportunity to chat with the keeper.

Our Amphibian Ark is a working environment where we are currently conducting research with many amphibians including many species of dart frogs, stubfoot toads (a close relative of the Critically Endangered golden frog), Majorcan midwife toads, terrestrial and aquatic caecilians and more. 

This is a great opportunity to see these unusual amphibian species close up and to learn about them and their conservation from our specialist keepers and scientists.

Please note handling of the animals is not allowed during this experience.

Age limit:

You must be 10 years or over to take part in this experience

Length of experience:

30 minutes


£59 for one person, or £95 for two people taking part in the experience together (joint experience). These prices include free entry on the day of your booking.

Days available:

Weekdays at 2pm.


To purchase a gift voucher, valid for 12 months, please call our Experiences Coordinator on 01803 697500.

Please note: The Ark is a working environment, from time to time things may happen beyond our control and we may need to cancel your experience with short notice. If this happens you will be offered a new day to attend.