We're home to a female Komodo dragon, Khaleesi. She is an impressive 2 metres long and weighs over 25kgs! The world's largest lizard is listed as Vulnerable due to the threat of habitat degradation.

In captivity, Komodo dragons are managed by a studbook which aims to keep the zoo population healthy and diverse. They are one of the most studied lizard species and many zoos, including Paignton, contribute towards researching dragons in the wild.


How do I adopt a komodo dragon?

First choose the adoption package you wish to purchase from the options below and then simply make your animal selection.

Please note that the standard animal adoption pack is the only option currently available for the Komodo dragon. We do have more adoption packages available for other animals. Please click here for further information.

Adoptions apply to the species rather than individual animals. This is because some of our animals may move to other zoos as part of breeding programmes. If your adopted species moves, we will advise you and you will be given the opportunity to transfer your adoption to another species.

Please note that our adoption gift packs are only available for UK delivery.

Adopt a Komodo dragon

komodo dragon Adoption Pack - £35 

  • An adopter’s certificate
  • A fact sheet about the Komodo dragon
  • Your name displayed in the zoo for 12 months
  • A thank you letter
  • A photograph of the Komodo dragon

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