The vast majority of our 80 acre zoo is outdoors, so there's plenty of animals to see including... 

Giraffes and other hoofstock species
The zoo is home to six female Northern giraffes - Sangha, Janica, Otilie, Joanna, Eliska and Florrie - which can be viewed outside.
Our zebras, tapirs and takin are also on-show.

Big Cats
Look out for our Sumatran tigers, sisters Padme and Carrie, Asiatic lion Yali, and also cheetah pair, Kitwana and Jahzara.

Baboon Rock
The iconic Baboon Rock is not to be missed during a zoo trip, and is home to our large troop of cheeky baboons.

Lemur Woods
Everyone loves lemurs! After you've ventured over the wobbly bridge, take some time to watch our playful ring-tailed lemurs. The outdoor exhibit also has red-fronted and red-ruffed lemurs too.

Monkey Heights
You discover more about lots of different primates in Monkey Heights, including some endangered species - Sulawesi crested macaques, pied tamarins, diana monkeys, cherry-crowned mangabeys and more!

Red pandas and spider monkeys
Look out for spider monkeys and red pandas towards to Parrot Flights end of the zoo. The red pandas in particular are usually more active during the Spring season.

Spend time watching our beautiful black rhinos, Sita and Manyara. The rhinos are usually outside in the mornings!

The Ranch
The meerkats may be based in the Ranch, but guests can also get up close to our pygmy goats here.


Food and Drink
Our Island Restaraunt and other outlets are open for takewaway food and drink. Click here for more information.
We can offer indoor seating from 17th May 2021.

Gift Shop
The Living World gift shop is open all day, so that you can buy a souvenir of your visit. 


Full information about which exhibits are open/closed to guests and any animal off-shows can be found on our Zoo Updates page.