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Paignton Zoo unearth prehistoric skull in centenary renovations

Paignton Zoo have unearthed an unknown skull in their centenary renovation work. The huge skull was discovered this morning, 1st April, near their education centre, and internal experts have been busy identifying it ever since.

Unidentified skull discovered at Paignton Zoo believed to be that of a dinosaur

Due to its unique feature of a singular eye socket, they believe it to be a Wazsowskisaurus from the family Pixaridae: a prehistoric creature from the Triassic period that shares some features with modern-day elephants. This is particularly exciting news for the zoo: they are celebrating their 100th anniversary this year, but this discovery suggests that the zoo’s history may go back much further.

Fossil expert from Paignton Zoo, James P. Sullivan, said:

“We’re quite overcome by the revelation of this skull. It’s a really unique specimen and our team will be working hard to learn more about it over the coming weeks. We hope that we’ll be able to display it for our centenary celebrations in July.”