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Love is in the air for Mo the sloth at Paignton Zoo

Keepers at Paignton Zoo in Devon are crossing their fingers and hoping that Cupid will strike, as Mo the Linne’s two toed sloth, prepares to get a mate.

Mo joined Paignton Zoo back in July of this year, and has already proved to be a massive hit with staff and visitors alike. With the imminent arrival of a female sloth called Ria, keepers are hoping that the pair will enjoy hanging out together, and possibly even reproduce in time.

Linne’s two toed sloths are native to the tropical rainforests of Central and South America. These laid back creatures spend most of their lives in trees; sleeping, feeding and even giving birth high up in the treetops.

Owen Taylor, Curator of Mammals at Paignton Zoo, said: “Despite being one of the slowest moving creatures here at the zoo, Mo has already stolen everyone’s hearts, so we are really excited to welcome a second sloth and provide Mo with a companion.”

Ria will be arriving from Hamerton Zoo Park, near Peterborough, at the end of the month. She will remain in quarantine for a few weeks until she is settled into her new home.

In the meantime, people will be able to visit Mo in the Tropical Trails area of the zoo and also enter a special Crowdfunder competition to win a ‘Meet & Greet’ experience to see Mo up close.

This amazing prize includes going behind the scenes in Mo’s enclosure, meeting one of his dedicated keepers and the opportunity to handfeed the sloth some of his favourite snacks. The prize also includes free entry into the zoo, as well as complimentary refreshments in the zoo’s Island Restaurant. There will also be a range of prizes for runners-up, including a sloth adoption pack and a variety of cuddly toys.

People can donate from as little at £5 to be in with a chance of winning, and have until the end of November to take part. Full details and entry can be found here: