Paignton Zoo has launched a project to make one thousand paper cranes in aid of conservation.

The Thousand Cranes for Conservation is a pledge campaign aiming to encourage visitors to save energy and water. In Japanese culture the crane symbolises good luck, the granting of wishes and hope.

Spokesperson Phil Knowling said: “Here at Paignton Zoo we are aiming – with the help of visitors - to make a thousand cranes for conservation. Every crane is a pledge to live more sustainably. Cranes are a good symbol for us too, because, like other animals around the world, cranes are being affected by habitat loss and climate change.

“We are talking about simple changes - unplug your ‘phone chargers, turn off lights when a room is empty – try turning down your heating by one degree and maybe choose to walk more often.”

Zoo Educator Jo Hall was inspired by the Japanese book Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes, the true story of a young girl from Hiroshima who contracted leukaemia as the result of the atomic bomb and aimed to make a thousand cranes before she died

Staff and volunteers started the activity at half term, but it will also run during Easter half term. These will also be a permanent display where the cranes will be hung from the roof.

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