Zoo keepers hand rearing the giraffe born at Paignton Zoo are asking Herald Express readers to select his name.

Staff at the Zoo - a registered charity - have drawn up a list of possible names. Some are of Czech origin, because his mother Janica was born in the Czech Republic. Others are linked to the day on which he was born - Valentine's Day.

Paignton Zoo Environmental Park Director of Operations and Curator of Mammals Neil Bemment said: "We have a list of ideas - we would like the readers of the Hearld Express to choose.

"The Czech names include Mirek, which means peace, and Pavel, which means little - although he's certaily not little, in fact he was 6 foot 4 inches tall at birth and has grown a lot since then!

"Another choice is Ferda. It means brave and is the name of a famous character in a popular Czech children's book - an ant who is really skilful.

"Then there's Valentino, because of Valentine's Day, and Rossi after Valentino Rossi, the nine times MotoGp champion. And Rudi (as in Rudolph Valentino) and Casa (for Casaova)."

The full list is:

  • 1. Mirek
  • 2. Pavel
  • 3. Ferda
  • 4. Valentino
  • 5. Rossi
  • 6. Rudi
  • 7. Casa

To vote for your favourite name please e-mail [email protected]

Rothschild's (Baringo) giraffes are classified as Endangered - there is a European Endangered species Programme for the species. Paignton Zoo Environmental Park is a registered charity. For more information please telephone 01803 697500.

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