A baby weighing no more than a small bar of chocolate has been born at Paignton Zoo.

The Goeldi's monkey was born on Saturday 17th March to father Herbie and mother Tuff. The weight at birth averages around 53 to 56 grams – less than 2 ounces.

This photograph was taken by Paignton Zoo volunteer Ray Wiltshire.

Senior Head Keeper of Mammals Matthew Webb said: "The youngster is still very small and clinging to mum. We haven't sexed or weighed it as it is still too young."

Goeldi's monkeys (scientific name Callimico goeldii) come from South America and live in small family groups in the forest, eating fruit, flowers, nectar, snails, insects, frogs and lizards. When excited they make a bird-like sound to communicate. In times of danger the adults hide the youngster in dense vegetation while they distract the predator.

The only species in the genus callimico, Goeldi's monkeys take their name from the man who discovered them, the Swiss naturalist Emil August Goeldi.

Goeldi's monkeys are an endangered species, threatened by hunting for food and the pet trade as well as by habitat destruction. The international zoo population is managed co-operatively for conservation purposes. Paignton Zoo is home to six Goeldi's monkeys.

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