Spring and early summer are always good times for animal births, but recent months have seen a bit of a baby boom at Paignton Zoo. We’ve seen everything from twin pygmy slow lorises and a pair of kangaroo joeys to an electric blue gecko.

The three maned wolf pups born in late February were named Axenus (that’s the male), Antandra and Averna (both females). A Northern (Rothschild’s) giraffe was born to mother Sangha in April. A public vote was held to name the calf; this brought a record number of entries to the local Herald Express / Devon Live web site. The winning name – by some margin - was Florrie.

The Zoo’s bird department has been busy, too. The first birds to lay this year were the Hawaiian geese and the roul-roul partridge, closely followed by the budgies in the Desert House. Recent hatchings include green peafowl, white cheeked pintail, green turaco, golden pheasant, Princess of Wales parakeets, black necked swan, Lady Amherst pheasant, mandarin ducks, bar-headed goose, white-faced whistling ducks and Edwards's pheasant. The last of these is especially significant because the species is the subject of a new conservation project in Vietnam.

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