Paignton Zoo Environmental Park has become the first zoo in the world to sign up to a new international ecological alliance.

The Ecological Restoration Alliance was set up by botanic gardens, arboreta and seed banks to restore ecosystems, advance restoration science through practical application and disseminate restoration knowledge.

The Zoo joins botanical gardens in the US, Canada, South Africa and Brazil, as well as Royal Botanic Gardens Kew and Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh.

Kevin Frediani, Paignton Zoo Curator of Plants and Gardens explained: “We were invited to join after I advocated a more cooperative approach between zoos and botanic gardens.

“It is a very good thing, as it aligns organisations and stops us competing for funds – it says partnership is a good thing and the synergy of alignment brings more than the sum of its parts. It will be very interesting to see what partnerships evolve out of this initiative.”

The Alliance commits to a global effort with ambitious long-term goals and aims to deliver outcomes in support of the UN Convention on Biological Diversity, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, and other international agreements.

The goals of the Alliance are to perform restoration projects around the globe with a science-driven approach; build expertise and capacity through collaborations between gardens and partners in academia, industry and government; improve the quality and quantity of research; disseminate and advocate knowledge to address global environmental problems.

The Alliance will be coordinated by Botanic Gardens Conservation International, an umbrella organization with over 500 member gardens on six continents.

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