Paignton Zoo is offering visitors the chance to name a baby monkey.

The female mandrill was born in January to mother Makemba and father Jumanji.

Visitors will be able to vote on a choice of ten names by dropping donations into different slots. The money raised will go towards Paignton Zoo’s conservation work. The names are:

1. Jumba - a mix of Jumanji and Makemba
2. Dayo - meaning “joy arrives”
3. Lopé - after Lopé national park in Gabon
4. Dja - after Dja national park in Gabon
5. Abenaa - meaning “born on Tuesday”
6. Zanta – meaning “Beautiful girl”
7. Kamina – a village in the Congo
8. Lara – a village in West Africa
9. Tamala – also a village in West Africa
10. Tafari – meaning “first born daughter”

Curator of Mammals Neil Bemment said: “This is a great way to involve our visitors and supporters in our conservation breeding work.” The shortlist of names was drawn up by animal staff.

The other members of the Zoo’s mandrill group are Akello, who is half-brother to Makemba and was at Paignton Zoo, and two other females, Mirjam and Marta.

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