We can confirm that the new baby giraffe, born on Tuesday 4th September, is female.

The as yet un-named calf is doing well; her mother would not let her suckle, so she was separated from the herd on Friday so the keepers could get her feeding properly.

Senior Head Keeper of Mammals Matthew Webb said: “She is now feeding very well from keepers and is on 4 feeds a day, consuming up to 8 litres a day. This will increase slightly as she gets bigger, up to a maximum of around 10 or 12 litres a day.”

Matthew again: “We will need up to 10 or 12 litres a day for the new girl and 8 for Valentino, We will start to wean him off milk in the next week or two, so the amount will drop back down to around 12 litres a day again over the next 4 to 6 weeks.”

Zoo staff have yet to decide how to go about naming the youngster.

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