Paignton Zoo fundraiser Jenny Paton has personal experience of how much heartache not having a Will can cause.

“There was a death in our family and there was no Will. It took six months to sort things out – and cost a lot more in solicitors’ fees than having a Will drawn up.”

Paignton Zoo, a registered charity, has teamed up with Wollen Michelmore Solicitors to hold its first ever Will Week. It’s an appropriate event for the Zoo, as the charity has received many significant legacies over the years:

“Our Ape Centre – home to our gorillas and orang utans, including baby Tatau – was built thanks to a legacy,” says Jenny. “Another sum built a whole set of owl aviaries. It is a very important way for a charity like ours to receive funds.”

A Will is important if you are getting married or divorced, have children or grandchildren or own property. Jenny: “You hear all these terrible stories of family disagreements over inheritances. 7 out of 10 people have not made a Will, which I find amazing. A Will can make all the difference.”

You can book a personal consultation in a private room with a professional solicitor. Jenny again: “Wollen Michelmore have waived their usual standard fees for the week, which is fantastic. Instead, we are asking for a minimum donation of £100 if you are a single person or £150 for a couple. This money will go towards Paignton Zoo’s vital conservation projects. There’s free parking here and you can even go round the Zoo afterwards!”

Katrina Vollentine, from Wollen Michelmore Solicitors, said: “It is so important to have a professionally drawn Will. We are really looking forward to helping as many of the Zoo’s supporters as possible. This is a great opportunity to help a local charity and to do something important that you may have been putting off for years.”

Appointments will generally take one hour. To book, contact Jenny Paton at Paignton Zoo on 01803 697509 or email [email protected].

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