A Devon charity is raising money this Christmas by selling a very special chocolate.

Paignton Zoo, a registered education, science and conservation charity, is believed to be one of the first zoos in the UK to stock Madecasse Chocolate, made from the finest Madagascan cocoa.

Paul Bellingham, of Paignton Zoo, said: “This is really special, as most chocolate is processed outside Africa. It’s a perfect product for us to sell – made from shade-grown cocao, harvested without damaging natural forest habitat, it generates jobs and money for local people in a developing economy. Then we sell it to raise money for our conservation work, much of which takes place in Africa. It’s win-win-win!”

Shade grown in the mountains of Madagascar, Madecasse is thought to be the only rainforest chocolate. Paul: “They pay farmers a fair price for their cocoa. Then they do something unheard of – they actually make their chocolate in Madagascar! This creates four times the social impact of fair trade cocoa that’s taken away and processed in Europe.”

Madecasse comes in a range of varieties, including Arabica coffee, cinnamon and sakay pepper, a rich and fruity 70% cocoa, sea salt and cocoa nibs and milk chocolate.

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