Spring is the time for new life and cute Easter chicks – but not all baby birds are beautiful…

This photo was taken by Paignton Zoo volunteer Liz Chisholm, who was given an exclusive opportunity to see the chicks by the Zoo’s bird keepers. The chicks are Bourke’s parakeet, from Australia. It’s hard to believe that these helpless, naked creatures will grow up to be beautiful adult birds.

Meanwhile, over at Living Coasts, Torquay’s coastal zoo and aquarium, the birds are also busy. There are already African penguin chicks in burrows - though they probably won’t be seen for a while. Inca terns are on eggs and other species are showing signs of courting and nest-building. It will be May before the macaroni penguins start to lay and hatch eggs.

At Living Coasts between Good Friday and Easter Monday there will be some rather more traditional fluffy Easter chicks – a mix of French and English rare breed poultry chicks – for visitors to meet and handle. And on Wednesday 8th April the scuba-diving Easter bunny will be swimming with the penguins at 11.30am and 3.00pm (normal admission prices apply).

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