Temperatures are soaring, but the animals at Paignton Zoo and Living Coasts aren’t troubled. Many of them are relaxing by the pool with ice lollies!

Whitley Wildlife Conservation Trust spokesperson Phil Knowling said: “Most zoo animals come from warmer climates, but actually all animals are very adaptable to our weather variations – they’re far more adaptable than we are!”

During hot weather zoo animals have access to indoor and outdoor shade and plenty of fresh water. Paignton Zoo is a leafy place with lots of shade, while Living Coasts has sea breezes.

“The seals at Living Coasts get ice blocks with fish frozen into them. Some of our penguins come from Africa, so are used to strong sunshine. They have pools and sprays – plus their very own beach hut on Penguin Beach made out of wooden poles and heather thatch!”

The macaroni penguins have their own cooling fan which visitors can share if they don't mind the smell of fish...

Meanwhile, at Paignton Zoo, African elephant Duchess gets ice blocks with her favourite fruit juices in them. “The rhinos enjoy a spray with the hose pipe and a mud bath. We also give sugar-free ice lollies to the orangs and blood ice blocks to the big cats. Tapirs enjoy slipping into their pool – and elsewhere, you may even see giant tortoises taking a dip.”

For visitors there’s lots of shade, ice creams, sit-downs and cool drinks. For zoo keepers, however, there is little relief – they still have to clean, shovel, chop and feed whatever the temperature.

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