It’s summer on the English Riviera, the weather is gorgeous – and the baby is asleep… Life is good.

The new baby black howler monkey at Paignton Zoo is unnamed and the sex is unknown – keepers are just letting mum Bonita get on with it. The early days and weeks of an animal’s life are always perilous, but she’s an experienced mum and the weather is good, which will help.

The photo shows Bonita, the new-born and last year’s baby, Pablo, all asleep together. Bonita, enjoy the tranquility while you can...!

Black howler monkeys live in troops and shout to defend their territories. The black howler is quieter and has a smaller territory than the red howler. The bulbous larynx, which amplifies its shouts, is concealed under the beard. It is a strongly built monkey with powerful limbs. These animals spend most their time in the trees but spend short periods of time on the ground.

The female gives birth to one youngster after a gestation of 20 weeks. The offspring stays for up to 2 years. There is a European Endangered species Programme (EEP) for the black howler monkey.

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