In celebrating “Volunteers’ Week” in 2016 we are highlighting some of the ways that our volunteers feel about their volunteering with us whilst some of our members of staff highlight how the support helps them, their team or the Zoo.

Our volunteers were asked to use ONE word or ONE short sentence to describe their volunteering or why they volunteer with us.

Henry - Inspirational

June - Rewarding

Teresa - Pleasure

Jane – Beneficial

Tony - Love of animals and meeting people.

John - Satisfaction in feeling useful.

Jasmine - It’s something different, rewarding and fun!

Alan - Wildlife conservation

Rae - After retirement, it’s a great way to have none of the pressure of paid work but all the pleasure.

Pete - Satisfaction

Liz - Stimulating

Alan - Relaxing

Carol - Fulfilment

Sandra - Contributing in our collective responsibility to be caretakers of our natural world.

Jane - An amazing opportunity to be part of a very privileged team.

Gillian - Allowing the lemurs to roam whilst being able to educate our visitors.

James - A rewarding, educational and spectacular place to give up some of your free time and fulfil your passion to look after the world’s nature.

Janet - To help conservation.

Heather - Fun and rewarding.

Our staff were asked to use ONE word or ONE short sentence to describe the support that they / their team / department / our zoos receive from volunteers.

Helen, Director of Guest Services, I couldn’t be more proud of the contribution and commitment of our Volunteers to our charitable organisation. Thanks for the immense support that you provide.

Julie, Graphics Designer, Gems

Giles, Curator of Plants and Gardens, Volunteers form an integral part of our team, bringing a wide range of skills that benefit the entire garden department.

Jim, Senior Keeper of Mammals, Highly valued support for the Mammal Dept.

Matthew, Senior Head Keeper – Mammals, Dedicated to our department for a range of different tasks from food preparation to cleaning animals’ enclosures, volunteers provide extremely valued additional support to all of us on the Mammal Department.

Phil, Press Officer, ‘Blue’ (as in uniforms) but, clearly, our volunteers do too much to be squeezed into a SHORT sentence…!

Louise, Education Officer, Phenomenal!  :)

Mike, Curator of Lower Vertebrates and Invertebrates, Supportive

Izzy, Guest Experience Manager, Invaluable. I just looked it up to check and it is the perfect word.

Helen, Maria and Sandy, Retail Supervisors, Worthwhile

Ghislaine, Head of Veterinary Services, Friendship. Emotional, as well as practical, support.

Danielle, Trust Secretary, An extra pair of hands 

James, Graphics Designer, Efficient and invaluable

Kat, Marketing Manager, Volunteers provide helpful, efficient and reliable support to the Marketing team.

Jen, Fundraising Manager, The help volunteers provide enables me to increase our support from across the region.

Neil, Curator of Mammals, Enthusiastic

Amy, Adoption and Experience Co-ordinator, Dedicated

Sue, Graphics Designer, Reliable and cheery, with nothing too much trouble!

If you are looking for a new interest or a chance to meet new people whilst supporting a local education, scientific and conservation charity then please visit the Information Desk in the main entrance building at the Zoo or take a look at our Volunteering pages to find out more.

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