For Volunteers’ Week 2015 we asked our Paignton Zoo volunteers to choose a word to describe why they volunteer…

I can think of many words that describe why I volunteer but I think the best word for me is opportunity. I have been given the opportunity to help a fantastic organisation, its community and help achieve some dreams that I never knew I’d have. It has definitely improved my outlook in life and I’m so passionate about what I do. Without the help and trust in me from the Volunteer Co-ordinator and staff at the Zoo this would never have happened. I feel happy volunteering alongside a great bunch of people amongst the wonderful animals and plants of Paignton Zoo.

After I retired I found there was something missing – social interaction. I volunteer at the Zoo and have found the social interaction with other volunteers, visitors (and the animals at the Ranch, of course) a joy which brightens my day.


It is a privilege and honour to spend my day off from a stressful job at this wonderful zoo and to meet the staff, other volunteers and visitors. Oh, and of course, the animals! (Special mention to ‘Greg’ the goat!)

I love to share my time to help the animals whilst volunteering with some really lovely people in a great environment. The whole atmosphere makes me want to continue to volunteer here at Paignton Zoo.

It is a pleasure to volunteer at Paignton Zoo. As an animal lover I get to see the wonderful animals and volunteer with like-minded people, many of whom I have made friends with. I love to help children to have a pleasurable day out, giving them an interest in our animals.

If you would like to find out more please visit our volunteers page.

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