This is incredible footage, filmed by a Paignton Zoo keeper, was taken on 25th January 2014 and features a Rothschild's giraffe giving birth.

The newly born calf, which stands at nearly six feet tall, is female. Paignton Zoo Curator of Mammals, Neil Bemment, said: "She was born during the day, which his unusual but not unheard of. Giraffes mostly give birth overnight." The mother gives birth standing up to enable the fall to break the umbilical cord.

The proud parents are Yoda (born 14th November 2004, who came from Givskud Zoo, Denmark) and Sangha (who came from Liberec Zoo in the Czech Republic).

All of Paignton Zoo's giraffes, of which there are now six, are all Rothschild's (Baringo) giraffes which are classified as Endangered.

To find out more about this species please visit our Rothschild's giraffes page.

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