Have you ever wondered why a giraffe has a black and blue tongue? It’s to prevent sunburn when grazing. Have you ever wondered how many vertebrae are in a giraffe’s neck? It’s the same number as in a human, incredibly – seven.

Inquiring minds should get themselves along to Paignton Zoo’s Education Centre. Here they will find a classroom with a difference. The Discovery Centre has trained, enthusiastic experts, hands-on games and creative activities that will immerse you in a world of scientific enquiry. Here all your weird and wonderful questions can be answered.

There are scaly snake skins, fascinating skulls and an enormous elephant tooth waiting to be handled and investigated. Magnificent to see up close, these artefacts are used to build understanding and allow curious minds to explore.

Senses alert, you continue to explore. Bottles of scents put your nose to the test, whilst a simple jigsaw will have you feeling out for clues in complete darkness. Roll the giant dice and play a life-size game of snakes and ladders. Turn off a light, plant your own strawberries and walk to work and you’ll be rewarded with a climb up a ladder. Leave your TV on or the tap running and you will find yourself slipping down a scaly snake. Though a simple game it comes with the serious message that everything we do impacts the environment, Pole to Pole.

Move from the exotic animals of faraway places to the world on your doorstep. There are activities at your green finger-tips; plant your own garden herbs in recycled containers and create houses for garden bugs using bundled branches and natural string. It’s fun for children, but great for adults, too. Take your creations home as a lasting and useful reminder of your adventures at the Zoo.

Meanwhile, keep on wondering and keep on asking your weird and wonderful questions. Have you ever wondered how many omelettes can be made from an ostrich egg? Have you ever wondered how large a gorilla’s hand is…?

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