There are nesting sites in bird exhibits all over Paignton Zoo. We provide baskets and boxes for the species which need small, hidden spaces in which to breed. Some of these are equipped with tiny cameras. Paignton Zoo’s bird keepers and the Field Conservation & Research team work together closely to monitor the growing chicks. ​

This footage features yellow backed chattering lories Lorius garrulous flavopalliatus. They come from the islands of Bacan and Obi in the North Moluccas, Indonesia. In conservation terms they are classed as Vulnerable and are managed at studbook level in top European zoos. Their zoo diet is fruit and a specially-prepared nectar mix.


This footage features emerald starlings Coccycolius iris feeding their young. These birds are found in the West African countries of Guinea, Sierra Leone and the Ivory Coast. The male emerald starling carries a leaf around to attract a mate – it seems to work!

Both the starlings and the lories are heavily trapped for the pet trade, mainly because of their beautiful appearance. We hope to post some more footage as the chicks grow up, so watch this space.

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