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Storytelling with Ellie Jackson

Ellie Jackson, author of the Wild Tribe Heroes books will be coming to Paignton Zoo on Saturday 21st May.

Ellie will be inviting children to join her at 1.30pm or 2.30pm when she will be reading her latest book ‘Ziggy’s Frightening Flight.’ Each storytelling session will be followed by a themed craft activity and the opportunity have your own copies of the Wild Tribe Heroes books signed by Ellie, so don’t forget to purchase a copy in our gift shop on your way in to the zoo.

Ziggy’s Frightening Flight sees Ziggy the honey bee happily buzzing from flower to flower, yet as time goes on she realises the flowers she loves are making her sick. Can the farmer and his children save the bees before it is too late? A positive, inspiring, beautifully illustrated story based on real events about the problem of habitat loss with a happy ending, facts about bees and ideas for the future.

The Wild Tribe Heroes books are a collection of gentle and engaging true stories about animals that find themselves in trouble when their lives are affected by plastic in the oceans, palm oil deforestation or climate change. Follow each one of the heroes to see what happens, how they are saved and what you can do to help them!

You can purchase a copy of ‘Ziggy’s Frightening Flight’ and other Wild Tribe Heroes books in our gift shop.

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Sessions will last approximately 45 minutes and are free to take part in. Normal zoo admission prices apply.