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Seagrass Fest

Experience Seagrass Fest

Mark your calendars – its our first ever annual Seagrass Fest!

Discover the magic of marine conservation with Wild Planet Trust and Blue Meadows (Ocean Conservation Trust).

Join us on the idyllic Breakwater Beach in Brixham as we unravel the secrets of seagrass and the captivating sea creatures that call this mysterious habitat home.

DATE: August 20th

TIME: 11 AM – 3 PM

PLACE: Next to Brixham Breakwater Café

Explore the world of marine conservation

Get up close and personal as we explore the wonders of seagrass. Engage in enlightening conversations with local marine groups, such as The Cove – Discovery Project, and gain valuable insights into why seagrass plays such a crucial role in our ecosystem. Learn about the diverse range of marine life that thrive within the seagrass meadows of Tor Bay. Some of them might surprise you!

A day of fun and education

In a unique collaboration, Wild Planet Trust and Ocean Conservation Trust are teaming up to bring you an action-packed day filled with excitement and environmental responsibility. Participate in beach cleaning activities to make a real difference, and for those seeking an underwater adventure, grab the chance to snorkel along Brixham’s stunning seagrass meadows.*

No reservation required* – just dive in!

We welcome everyone to this incredible event! No need to book in advance – simply show up and let the fun begin! Stay updated with all the event details on our Facebook page, or feel free to reach out to us via email at [email protected] for any inquiries.

Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to connect with nature, learn, and have a blast! See you there!


Even though anyone can just turn up, we do require you to pre-book for the snorkelling sessions.

Click below to book your space for your chosen timeslot!