any age

Activity: Take a sensory journey PDF. 

Activity: Bee Hotels PDF.

Story time: Percy Fawcett and The Lost City of Z PDF.

Darwin's Adventures on The Beagle PDF. 

The Wild Adventures of William Wills PDF. 

The Marvellous Marianne North PDF.

How to stay Wild at Home PDF.


key stage 1 activities

Make a 3D tortoise PDF.

Plastic Pollution & Seabirds Introduction (for parents) PDF.

Create a Work of Art with Litter Activity PDF.

Design a Submarine Inspired by Penguins Activity PDF.

Explain Countershading to your Family Craft PDF.

Maths: How many feet? PDF.

PE: Move and snooze like an animal PDF. 


lower key stage 2 activities

Using hair traps to track wildlife PDF.

Art: A Food Chain in a Single Picture Activity PDF.

Art: Plankton or Alien? Activity PDF.

Art: Camouflage and pattern PDF.

Literacy: Poetry PDF. 

Maths: Symmetry in the Sea Activity PDF.

Maths: Make a Food Chain using Paper Chain Links Activity PDF.

Project: Help! Our meerkats keep escaping Activity PDF. 

Writing and research: Design a zoo sign for one of our animals Activity PDF.  


upper key stage 2 activities

Plan a new enclosure PDF.

Art: Create a Creature Activity PDF. 

Art: Can we use art to persuade? PDF

Art: Nested Life Cycle PDF.

Creative writing: The child who turned into a seal Activity PDF.

Literacy: Letter to a Poacher PDF.

Literacy: Write a short story PDF.

Research: The weird lives of baby Amphibians PDF.

Science: Waterproof penguins Activity PDF. 

Task: Invent an ocean clean-up machine Group Task PDF.


key stage 2 & 3: World war zoo

World War Two and Rationing PDF. 

Zoos in Wartime PDF. 

Grow your own PDF. 

Zoo Stories PDF. 


Quotes Zootastic Paignton! Quotes