All our activity sessions last approximately 1 hour, availability of which will vary throughout the year.

Nearby Nature groups will meet at the Education Centre and then walk to the nature trail with our Education Officer.  All other sessions will be in our Education Centre.


Nearby Nature

Enjoy a session outside with one of our education staff talking about our own local species and have a go at pond dipping and minibeast hunting down on our nature trail.


Endangered Animals and Conservation

Why are some animals threatened in the wild?  What is the zoo doing to protect these animals and their habitat? What can we do to help?  Learn what conservation is all about, why it's importants and some of the complex issues involved.


WhY is it snowing in April? 

Find out what climate change is and what it means for us and the species here at the zoo.  Discover what we can all do to make a difference, and see that the choices we make can have a real impact.


Sustainability: Sussed

Available for Guides or Scouts only

Thinking about our day to day choices as consumers of commodities from food to fashion.  This interactive session looks at the choices we make in our day to day lives and how small changes can help us to live more lightly on the planet.

There will be the opportunity to try some edible invertebrates* as part of the food section of the workshop.

* with parental consent


a wild evening

We also offer a two-hour evening session that includes a workshop and a walk and talk around the zoo with one of our education officers.  This is only available at certain times of the year depending on evening light levels and staff availability. 

More information and prices available on request