mini discovery from the zoo - easter eggs

This Mini Discovery is all about EGGS. Jo from our Education team explores eggs of all different shapes and sizes and finds out how we can see the insides of an egg without cracking it.

The simple activity this week will be making a naked bouncy egg using just vinegar and a glass!
Aimed at 3-7 year olds, but suitable for all ages.


mini discovery from the zoo - we're going on a poo hunt!

With this feature, we visited some of our enclosures to find out which of our animals has the biggest poo, the smelliest poo or even the rarest poo!

This is followed up with a simple no-bake cookie activity for you to try at home, looking at why poo can actually be quite useful.
View the recipe for the zoo poo no-bake cookies here.
You will need an adult to help make the cookies. The ingredients and recipe will also be at the end of the video.


Mini discovery from the zoo - flowers

Our first feature is celebrating the arrival of spring here at the zoo! We take a closer look to find out how flowers work, with a simple dissection activity that you can do at home.

Children will need a daffodil, a mobile phone and a pair of scissors (along with adult supervision).
Make sure you have permission to pick your flowers and please don’t eat any part of the daffodils as they are toxic!

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