Everyone remembers going on a school trip, and as school trips go, a visit to the zoo is hard (we’d say impossible!) to beat. Education has been at the very heart of Paignton Zoo since we opened in 1923, and we’re working hard to make sure that we can welcome you back safely as soon as we can.

We’ll be updating our education pages over the coming weeks and months, so check back soon to discover how we can help you plan your next visit. It might look a little different to the school trips you’ve arranged before but we’re confident it will still be a fantastic experience for everyone involved. We’ve yet to discover a subject that can’t be made more memorable by a visit to the zoo, so if you’re planning a sensational start or a mid-term motivator, and whether its Key Stage 1, post-16, or every age and ability in between, we look forward to helping you soon.

Quotes It's got to be said, Paignton Zoo is hard to beat! Quotes