• To highlight the huge problem of waste plastics – especially in our oceans
  • Around the world, millions of marine animals are killed every year by plastics (source: UNESCO)
  • It’s thought that by 2050, plastic will outweigh fish in the oceans
  • Around 80% of water bottles and almost all water bottle caps are not recycled
  • 24% of the 5 million tonnes of plastic used in the UK each year is reused or recycled (British Plastics Federation)

What are the alternatives?

  • Buy drinks in recyclable boxes, cans or glass bottles from our catering outlets
  • Carry refillable, reusable water bottles available from our shops

We encourage staff and volunteers not to buy drinks in single use plastic bottles.

What happens now?

We will spread our message about single use plastic bottles as our latest conservation advocacy campaign.

How will we advocate for change?

We are communicating these messages to staff and volunteers through talks, memos and updates.
We aim to reach visitors through everything from web sites, visitor talks and videos played on TV screens in our restaurants and entrance halls to social media and interpretation signs in buildings and around the grounds.

Marine Plastic – Let’s Turn the Tide