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Christmas Gift Guide

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Buying a Membership as a gift provides a year’s worth of invaluable memories for the ones you love. With free, unlimited entry to Paignton Zoo for 12 months, savings in our restaurant, takeaways and gift shop and other benefits, this really is the gift that keeps on giving.

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Animal Experiences

Give your loved ones an experience they’ll never forget! Get up close and personal with some of our most popular animals and learn all about them from the people that know them best. Choose from a rhino, giraffe or giant tortoise experience for one or two people.



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Adopt an Animal

Our animal adoption packs make a great gift for someone special while supporting Paignton Zoo and our vital conservation work. From red pandas to Komodo dragons, we have a wide range of adoptions up for grabs.

Adopt an animal
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Online Shop

Shop sustainably with our online shop and support our wildlife conservation work while doing it! Whether you’re looking for soft toys, homeware or souvenirs, you can find an array of gifts for home delivery or collection.

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Make a Donation

By making a donation on behalf of somebody special, you’re helping to support the conservation work we do at home and overseas. For the conservation lover in your life, this vital donation will show them just how much you care.

Donate online
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Amazon Wishlist

Buy one of our animals their very own Christmas gift from our Amazon Wishlist. Our animals enjoy a wide variety of enrichment that keep them physically and mentally stimulated, and our Amazon Wishlist is a great way to buy them more activities to enjoy.

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Amazon Smile

Donate to Paignton Zoo at no extra cost to you by using our Amazon Smile.

Sign up to our Amazon Smile and then shop as normal, and a percentage of the value of your purchase will come to us! Please note that we’re listed under South West Environmental Parks, the name of our parent charity.

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