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Coming soon to Paignton Zoo: Hamadryas Hill

Coming soon to Paignton Zoo: Hamadryas Hill

Earlier this year, we announced that – after 50 years of living on Baboon Rock – our troop of hamadryas baboons will soon be moving to a brand new home. Visitors have enjoyed watching the baboons since 1973 Many visitors…

A view from the past

A view from the past

2023 has given Paignton Zoo much to celebrate. Our centenary year has provided countless opportunities for us to look back and reflect on our history, as well as allowing us to finalise our plans for the zoo we aspire to…

Its Party Time: Live Music Confirmed for GloWild

We are pleased to announce that we will be hosting live music performances as part of our GloWild event, which runs from November 17 to January 2.

These performances will take place in our Island Restaurant, between 6pm and 7pm

Excitement is brewing as Paignton Zoo gears up for our upcoming GloWild winter lights event.

To bring a variety of delectable treats to our visitors, we are teaming up with four local street food vendors to infuse a touch of culinary magic into the festivities.

Here’s a mouthwatering glimpse of what you can expect!

Student spotlight: End of year round-up

As our placement students reach the end of the academic year and their time at Paignton Zoo, we spoke to a couple of them to see how their year went, the outcomes of the research and some of the things…

Your zoo: 90s nostalgia from a Gibbon Club member

Your zoo: 90s nostalgia from a Gibbon Club member

As we approach our official 100th birthday, we want to share with you some of the amazing stories we’ve heard from former staff, visitors and people who feel a close connection to Paignton Zoo. Tara Sanders is an active member on…

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