Bees are a big part of our local wildlife and have a very important part to play in maintaining ecosystems. These invertebrates are the top pollinators on our planet, helping to pollinate our food and also plants and trees that provide vital habitats for wildlife.

However, bees are now in decline all over the world, facing many threats including habitat loss and climate change. Paignton Zoo, as part of Wild Planet Trust, is committed to protecting our local wildlife and wild places, believing that a lot of conservation can come from small actions done at home. At the zoo we have wildflower meadows, shelters and bee hotels that aim to support and sustain a healthy population of bees.

This year, we're thrilled that local business Bettesworths will be supporting our 'Building a Buzz' Bee project. This will involve the construction of brand, new bee hotels that will be located around the zoo.
At the moment, you may have noticed that our current bee hotels are 'For Sale' - please click here for more information.



Here are a few words from Bettesworths:

Bettesworths is known locally as a family business in its third generation, sustainability and future planning mean a lot to us. We are proud to be part of the ‘Building a Buzz’ Bee project, this is a fun way to raise awareness of a serious subject. 

"For a family company like ours currently in its third generation the environment is very important. We want to be part of and raise awareness of the issue of sustainability through this great project. Of course as everyone knows bees are synonymous with our brand." - Matt Bettesworth

"Sustainability is key, in both the built environment and our day to day lives. Whilst this Bee project is about having fun it also carries the message of how important pollinators are and how good design and build can help the natural environment." - Tom Churchward

"Bees are in trouble. There is growing public and political concern at the Bee decline globally. This decline is caused by a combination of stresses – from loss of habitat and food sources to exposure to pesticides and climate change. More than ever before, we need to recognise the massive importance of bees to nature and our lives and do something about it. We need them to thrive, not just survive!" - Emily Northcott

We will continue to provide updates about the project on this webpage throughout the year. There will also be a Bee Weekend at Paignton Zoo on Saturday 11th and Sunady 12th July 2020, with bee-themed activities and talks. Further information can be found on our 'Events' area later in the Spring.



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