Western Grey Kangaroo

Zoo Location: Savannah
 Western Grey Kangaroo

Scrub, woodland, edges of desert and grassland.

Wild Diet

Leafy plants and grasses.


Grey kangaroos live in large groups called mobs. They sleep for much of the day and feed during dusk and dawn.


After a gestation period of 36 days a single partly formed youngster is born. It immediately crawls into the pouch where it remains for up to 11 months to suckle and complete its growth.


Hunting, habitat destruction and introduced species upsetting the natural balance.


Zoo populations are being monitored.

 Western Grey Kangaroo  Western Grey Kangaroo


  • Latin Name: Macropus fuliginosus ocydromus
  • Class: Mammals
  • Order: Marsupialia
  • Family: Diprotodontidae
  • Conservation status: Least Concern
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