Vietnamese Mossy Frog

Zoo Location: Amphibian Ark
 Vietnamese Mossy Frog

Flooded caves and rocky banks of mountain streams.

Wild Diet

Large insects such as cockroaches and crickets.


As their name suggests, this frog has colours and markings that make it look like moss. It has a loud call, which can be heard up to 4 metres away, making it difficult to locate them. When disturbed, they will roll into a ball and play dead.


Mossy frogs breed in flooded rock cavities. 8 to 10 eggs are laid above the water. After 7 to 10 days the tadpoles hatch and drop into the water below.


Habitat destruction and pet trade.


This species is protected by the Vietnamese government. They have been bred in captivity.

 Vietnamese Mossy Frog


  • Latin Name: Theloderma corticale
  • Class: Amphibian
  • Order: Anura
  • Family: Rhacophoridae
  • Conservation status: Data Deficient
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