Tokay Gecko

Zoo Location: Tropical Forest
 Tokay Gecko

Tropical rainforests.

Wild Diet

Insects, particularly cockroaches and young lizards, mice and small birds.


The tokay gecko is one of the largest and most common of the Asian geckos. The male makes a loud barking call, mainly in the mating season, from which the name derives. The female is mute. The body is slender, topped by a large head. The eyes are prominent in all species and the gecko's vision is excellent. Broad fleshy toes, with inner folds, enable the lizard to cling to tiny irregularities in a surface.


The female lays two sticky-surfaced eggs, usually stuck fast to a perpendicular object and almost impossible to move without breaking. The eggs are laid in the same locations year after year and it is common to find 8 -10 sets of eggs together all laid by different females and in various stages of incubation.


These geckos are in demand for Chinese medicines and in much of their range, indiscriminate hunting goes on. However, their trade is controlled in the Philippines where they are protected by law.


  • Latin Name: Gekko gecko
  • Class: Reptiles
  • Order: Sauria
  • Family: Gekkonidae
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