Red-Tailed Ratsnake

Zoo Location: Reptile Tropics
 Red-Tailed Ratsnake

This snake lives in trees in mangrove swamps and rainforests in South-East Asia & Indonesia.

Wild Diet

They are constrictors and therefore eat birds, bird eggs and bats. 


They have a prehensile tail which it uses to grab on to tree branches. The rough scales on the snake's stomach also to helps it to climb trees.


After breeding, 3 to 8 eggs are laid that take 13 to 16 weeks to hatch. Hatchlings are around 45cm long and snakes can lay up to four clutches per year.


This species is harvested for the international pet trade. It is eaten in Laos, heavily-exploited in Java for its skin and meat, and is exploited throughout Indonesia for the pet trade, food and skins.

 Red-Tailed Ratsnake  Red-Tailed Ratsnake


  • Latin Name: Gonyosoma oxycephala
  • Class: Reptiles
  • Order: Squamata
  • Conservation status: Least Concern
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