Red ruffed Lemur

Zoo Location: Forest
Red ruffed Lemur

Primary rainforest.

Wild Diet

Fruit, seeds, leaves and nectar.


Red ruffed lemurs get their name from the long thick hair around their neck and ears. They live in small family groups. The females defend the territory and are dominant over males. Ruffed lemurs have a variety of calls that alert members to danger, as well as an 'all-clear' regrouping call.


Usually two young are born after a gestation period of 90-100 days (3 months). The litter is born into a nest of twigs and leaves.


Habitat destruction and poaching for meat and fur.


There is a European zoos' Endangered species Programme (EEP) for the red ruffed lemur.

Red ruffed Lemur Red ruffed Lemur


  • Latin Name: Varecia rubra
  • Class: Mammals
  • Order: Primates
  • Family: Lemuridae
  • Conservation status: Critically Endangered
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