Red Panda

Zoo Location: Primley
 Red Panda

Bamboo forest at high altitudes.

Wild Diet

Bamboo shoots, grass, roots, fruit, acorns and occasional mice and birds.


This panda has a rusty red coat and a long bushy tail which resembles a racoon more than a panda. It is primarily a nocturnal animal and spends most of its time curled on a branch, tail over its head or head in chest. It is a quiet animal unless it is provoked when it rears up on hind legs and hisses. They live in pairs and form small family groups. 


The female has 1-2 young after a gestation period of 90-150 days. The longer period is when the fertile egg lies dormant. The young stay with the mother until they are 1 year old.


Habitat destruction due to logging and the spread of agriculture.


The red panda has legal protection in Nepal and China, and occurs in several national parks. Conservation breeding programmes in zoos are co-ordinated world-wide.

 Red Panda


  • Latin Name: Ailurus fulgens
  • Class: Mammals
  • Order: Carnivora
  • Family: Ailuridae
  • Conservation status: Endangered
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