Pied Tamarin

Zoo Location: Monkey Heights
 Pied Tamarin

Tropical forest.

Wild Diet

Insects, ripe fruit, gum and nectar.


Pied tamarins live in large groups. The offspring are cared for by all adult group members, which includes the males. The group sleep huddled together in branches.


The pied tamarin gives birth to twins after a gestation of about 160 days.


Habitat destruction.


These pied tamarins are part of a European Endangered species Programme (EEP) managed by Jersey Zoo. This is also part of an international breeding programme. Pied tamarins all belong to the Brazilian government.

 Pied Tamarin


  • Latin Name: Saguinus bicolor
  • Class: Mammals
  • Order: Primates
  • Family: Callitrichidae
  • Conservation status: Endangered
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